$32B: Equine industry contribution to NJ economy

It is the month of the horse, the noble animal that graces the state seal of New Jersey. That alone may be a reason to celebrate, but it also makes good economic sense: the “horse industry” contributes to this $ 3.2 billion annually in the state treasury. And that’s a lot of hay.

When the term “horse industry” conjures up images of horses working on the assembly line, relax. It applies to everything from “pleasure riding to world-class horse shows and horse races,” according to New Jersey Secretary of Agriculture Douglas H. Fisher.

Rutgers University’s Equine Science Center is dedicated to better horse care through research and education. The United States Equestrian Foundation in Gladstone funds programs that train and support top athletes and horses to compete in the Olympics, World Championships, Pan American Games, and other top international competitions. And for those who are particularly fond of ponies, the Meadowlands Racetrack, Monmouth Park and Freehold Raceway operate at different times throughout the year.

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