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Thursday, June 3rd, 2021

Oakland is taking part in the COVID-19 College Vaccination Challenge

This student will receive a COVID-19 vaccination during one of OU’s many vaccination clinics taking place on campus this spring.

Oakland University has dealt with the Michigan Association of State Universities and other public state universities in Michigan to get the COVID-19 College Vaccination Challenge This was announced yesterday by the White House in cooperation with the US Department of Education.

The three commitments associated with participating in the COVID-19 College Vaccination Challenge include: finding unique ways to engage every student, faculty, and staff member; Organize our university community’s vaccine efforts while calling on campus champions to get the word out; and providing access to vaccines for all.

Badge in support of the COVID College Challenge
COVID-19 College Vaccination Challenge

This is an important new initiative that will reinforce and highlight some of the efforts OU has already made to encourage the campus community to get vaccinated so that Fall Semester 2021 is more normal for students and the entire campus community looks and feels more normal.

Check the various Oakland University social media platforms for messages using the approved hashtags #COVIDCollegeChallenge and #We can do this. You can also use these hashtags in your personal social media posts to spread a supportive message that a vaccinated campus is a safer campus.

Learn more about the new efforts to promote and support vaccination for all members of the campus community at: WhiteHouse.gov/COVIDCollegeChallenge

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