June 15 California Reopening: ABC7 explores what’s changed since California COVID-19 restrictions lifted

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) – California’s Coronavirus The restrictions were lifted on Tuesday, but what has actually changed? We sent several ABC7 news reporters to the Bay Area to find out.

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San Francisco

Reporter Luz Pena examined several shops in the city. When they stopped by the Nightingale Bar, they were in full swing to prepare for the full reopening. For the first time in over a year, they took their cash register out of the warehouse.

Pena also swung past City Hall, where couples celebrated an even bigger milestone than the reopening on June 15: their wedding anniversaries.

She also visited the Ferry Building, where masks are still required. This is because the building is categorized as a “transit hub”.

East bay

Reporter Amy Hollyfield started her morning at Starbucks, where masks are now optional for vaccinated customers the updated mask mandate.

On BART, however Masks are still required for all riders. Hollyfield said she still saw everyone wearing masks when she was at Dublin / Pleasanton train station.

“Our latest data collection found that 96% of people were wearing masks. The few who do not want to wear masks are escorted out of the system. But that’s very rare, “said BART spokesman Jim Allison.

Reporter Cornell Barnard visited the Pacific Pinball Museum in Alameda, which has reopened for the first time in over a year. They still ask visitors to wear masks for the time being just to be safe.

Barnard also stopped by the Oakland Zoo, which has been open for a while. They accept the looser adult mask restrictions but ask children under the age of 11 to continue to remain masked as they cannot be vaccinated yet.

South bay

Reporter Matt Boone checked a grocery store in San Jose Tuesday morning. The owner told him he did not trust the “honor system” so he continues to require that all customers continue to wear masks – not just those who are not vaccinated.

He also went to a gym that no longer required masks, but still found plenty of people wearing them.

Reporter Chris Nguyen found the same thing at the Westfield Valley Fair Mall. They removed social distancing marks and brought back certain community activities like ping pong tables. Again, there is no mask requirement for vaccinated people, but there were still plenty of masks to see.

We have reporters in San Francisco, the East Bay, and the South Bay today. We will update this story as soon as you get back to us

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