June 15 California: Here’s what to expect when CA lifts its COVID-19 restrictions

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (KGO) – Tuesday morning, life will be very different. Or will it?

At Walnut Creek’s Brioche for a morning coffee and pastry, the law requires vaccinated customers to stop wearing a mask, but the owner will.

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“We have been wearing this mask for a year now,” said owner Sam Kheriji. “It won’t hurt to put it on for a few more months just to be on the safe side.”

In the Forma Gym, however, masks are no longer required either outside or inside.

“We attach great importance to this transition because it will mean a lot to the company,” said Forma owner Ralph Rajs.

Athletic Outpost owner Tim Ketron has been wearing his mask for 15 months.

“I’ll keep wearing mine. I haven’t had a cold in a year and a half,” said Ketron.

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As for its customers …

“You can come in without a mask,” said Ketron.

The shopkeeper said he would not ask customers about their vaccination status, but would rely on the honor system.

At Caspers Hot Dogs, Barbara Cannavino says she’s excited about the change, but is a bit confused by the ever-changing rules of state officials.

“We don’t know what is happening day by day,” said Cannavino. “But tomorrow everyone can hopefully come in and sit down. I miss that.”

At the Insignia Salon, they’ll leave the masking decisions up to the clients.

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“It’s definitely optional,” said stylist Regina Muslimova. “If they feel safe and are vaccinated, it’s entirely up to them.”

A lot of shopkeepers are still a little mask-confused.

“I’m not entirely sure, but as far as I know we can take the masks off tomorrow,” said East Bay Nature owner Joanie Smith.

Jay at a local liquor store knows exactly what it will be like.

“We are all fed up with the mask,” said the exposed Jay, who was standing behind a plexiglass sign at the cash register.

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The owner of the Walnut Creek Yacht Club looks forward to having more people in his dining room, if not back to pre-pandemic levels soon.

As for the masks …

“You don’t have to wear a mask,” explained Kevin Weinberg. “But still undecided at Cal / OSHA about wearing masks for employees.”

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