Illinois COVID-19 Update Today: IL reports 538 cases, 32 deaths

CHICAGO (WLS) – Illinois public health officials reported 538 new confirmed and probable cases of COVID-19 and 32 related deaths on Saturday as the state moves towards a full reopening next week.
There have been a total of 1,384,903 COVID cases since the pandemic began, including 22,912 deaths in the state.

Within the past 24 hours, laboratories have reported that 50,827 samples have been tested for a total of 24,847,616 since the pandemic began.

The provisional seven-day nationwide test positive from May 29 to June 4 is 1.5%, the lowest since reporting began on October 29.

As of Friday night, 882 patients in Illinois had been reported to be hospitalized with COVID-19. Of these, 232 patients were in the intensive care unit and 123 patients with COVID-19 were on ventilators.

As of Friday evening, a total of 11,483,338 vaccines had been administered in Illinois. The seven-day moving average of vaccines administered daily is 36,130 doses. 55,505 doses were administered in Illinois on Friday.

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Officials reported Saturday that nearly 68% of adults have received a COVID vaccine and over 51% are fully vaccinated.

Phase 5 guidelines announced for Illinois

Governor JB Pritzker on Friday released guidelines outlining Phase 5 of the Illinois recovery plan, which will take effect next Friday.

The latest phase marks a full reopening of all businesses and activities across the state since the pandemic began.

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Under the new management, companies, major events, congress amusement parks and seats can all be fully utilized.

The easing of restrictions is eagerly awaited as temperatures rise and people want to get back to summer fun.

Instructions for phase 5:

  • IF VACCINATED: Fully vaccinated individuals can resume activation without wearing a mask, unless required by federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial laws, rules, and regulations. This includes local business and workplace advice.
  • NOT Vaccinated: The state will continue to recommend masking for unvaccinated individuals and require masking for anyone traveling on public transportation, in community facilities, in the healthcare sector, as well as in schools, daycare and educational institutions.
  • All sectors of the economy can resume their regular capacity.
  • Traditional congresses, festivals and major events can be resumed without capacity restrictions.
  • Large gatherings such as weddings can also be resumed. Phase 5 also removes requirements that companies must introduce mandatory social distancing in seating, as well as daily health exams for employees and visitors. However, businesses and venues should continue to allow social distancing as much as possible, especially indoors, the governor said. You may also continue to take additional public health mitigation measures at your own discretion, including requiring facial coverings.
  • Face covers are still recommended (1) on airplanes, buses, trains and other public transport, as well as in transport hubs such as airports and train stations and bus stations; (2) in community facilities such as correctional facilities, veterans’ homes and long-term care facilities, group homes and residential facilities; and (3) in healthcare facilities.
  • Deaths reported on Saturday include:
    – Coles County: 1 woman 80s
    – Cook County: 3 men 40s, 3 women 50s, 1 man 50s, 2 women 60s, 2 men 60s, 2 women 70s, 2 men 70s, 1 man 80s
    – Jersey County: 1 man in the 1960s

    – Kane County: 1 man 40
    – Lake County: 1 man in the 1980s
    – Livingston County: 1 woman 50
    – Madison County: 1 man 80s
    – County McDonough; 1 man 90s
    – McHenry County: 1 woman 50
    – Peoria County: 1 woman in 40s, 1 man in 60s, 1 man in 70s
    – Vermilion County: 1 woman 80s
    – Will County: 1 man 20s, 1 man 60s
    – Winnebago County: 1 man 40
    – Woodford County: 1 man 1990s

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