Here’s what to know June 16, 2021

DETROIT The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Michigan rose to 892,830 as of Wednesday, including 19,578 deaths, state officials report.

Wednesday’s update contains a total of 179 new cases and four more deaths. On Tuesday, the state reported a total of 892,651 cases and 19,574 deaths.

This is the lowest one-day number of cases in Michigan since June 22, 2020.

The tests were reported on average around 20,000 diagnostic tests per day, with the 7-day positive rate below 2% from Wednesday the lowest in several months. Hospital stays have declined in recent weeks.


The states 7-day moving average for daily cases was 217 on Wednesday – the lowest since June 2020. The 7-day average of deaths was 18 on Wednesday, the lowest since March. The state’s death rate is 2.2%. The State also reports “active cases”, which were listed at 21,200 on Wednesday.

Michigan reported more than 8.7 million cans of the COVID-19 vaccine administered from Tuesday 60.6% of 16+ residents Have received at least one dose while 52.2% of 16+ residents are considered fully vaccinated.

According to Johns Hopkins University are more than 33.4 million cases have been reported in the United States., with more than 600,000 dead reported by the virus. Worldwide more than 2.4 billion vaccine doses administered, including more than 311 million cans in the US alone.


Worldwide more than 176 million people are confirmed to be infected and more than 3.8 million died after Johns Hopkins University. The real numbers are certainly much higher due to limited testing, different ways nations count the dead, and deliberate underreporting by some governments.

Michigan COVID-19 Vaccinations: This is how you can find dates, information on phases

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The curfew on Michigan restaurants and bars was lifted on June 1, the first step in the state’s new plan to fully reopen.

government Gretchen WhitmerIn May, ‘s office unveiled a new version of the MI Vacc To Normal plan, which will end the curfew for restaurants and bars from April 1st.

Previously, all bars and restaurants had to stop serving food indoors by 11 p.m. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services initially imposed a 10:00 p.m. curfew in November.

In addition, restaurants do not have to limit the individual table capacity, which was a maximum of 6 people per table.

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“So June 1st and then July 1st – those are the two steps,” said Whitmer. “We discontinued the Vacc To Normal (plan) because it became very clear that it was important for us to give people safe deadlines and the confidence that we can do it safely. That’s why we reconfigured the plan. “

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer talked about the steps and rules residents must follow when returning to personal work across the state.

May 10th Michigan has passed the 55% milestone of those aged 16 and over who receive at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Because of this, personal work was stopped resume two weeks later: on May 24th.


Whitmer spoke of a shop in Grand Rapids on Monday to outline MIOSHA’s rules for getting back to work.

“As early as October 2020, MIOSHA issued emergency COVID rules that set specific mitigation measures and helped companies protect customers and their jobs,” said Whitmer. “These emergency rules had an expiration date of October 2021, which means that if they weren’t formalized into permanent rules, they would expire automatically.”

Read more here.

government Gretchen Whitmer officially revealed Michigan’s new timetable for lifting COVID restrictions and returning to normal.

Last month the governor’s office indicated that the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services would update its pandemic ordinance after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made changes to their recommendations for fully vaccinated individuals.


Less than 24 hours later, Whitmer held a COVID briefing and announced a revised MI Vacc To Normal plan as cases decline and the number of residents vaccinated increases.

Here’s what’s changing – read here.

Michigan is removing the mask requirement for most indoor and outdoor areas for fully vaccinated residents. in accordance with the newly issued guidelines of the CDC.

The new regulation came into effect on Saturday, Nov.

As part of the updated MDHHS Gatherings and Mask Order, Michigander staying outdoors no longer have to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status.

Michigander fully vaccinated in the house no longer have to wear a mask, but residents who are not vaccinated or have not completed their vaccinations must continue to wear a mask or face covering to protect themselves and others.


After July 1, the broad mask mandate for indoor use will expire.

Michigan COVID-19 Daily Reported Cases Since June 1:

  • June 1st – 288 new cases

  • June 2nd – 420 new cases

  • June 3 – 510 new cases

  • June 4th – 446 new cases

  • June 5th – 388 new cases

  • June 6 – 210 new cases

  • June 7th – 209 new cases

  • June 8 – 293 new cases

  • June 9 – 257 new cases

  • June 10th – 301 new cases

  • June 11th – 318 new cases

  • June 12 – 198 new cases

  • June 13 – 169 new cases

  • June 14th – 169 new cases

  • June 15 – 182 new cases

  • June 16 – 179 new cases

Michigan COVID-19 reported daily deaths since June 1:

  • June 1st – 5 new deaths

  • June 2 – 33 new deaths

  • June 3 – 57 new deaths

  • June 4th – 27 new deaths

  • June 5 – 72 new deaths (66 from life data)

  • June 6 – 5 new deaths

  • June 7th – 6 new deaths

  • June 8 – 56 new deaths (37 from life data)

  • June 9 – 7 new deaths

  • June 10 – 40 new deaths (28 from life data)

  • June 11th – 8 new deaths

  • June 12 – 53 new deaths (50 from vital records)

  • June 13 – 4 new deaths

  • June 14 – 4 new deaths

  • June 15 – 26 new deaths (7 from life data)

  • June 16 – 4 new deaths

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