Gov. Whitmer hints at possibly lifting COVID restrictions before July 1

(WXYZ) – Michigandans may be able to return to their normal pre-COVID interactions sooner rather than later, as Governor Whitmer indicated on Wednesday that restrictions could be lifted before July 1, as originally expected.

The state made an effort to get at least 70 percent of the population vaccinated before taking a giant step towards lifting several COVID-19 restrictions, such as: B. required face masks indoors for unvaccinated people and capacity limits in restaurants and bars.


On Wednesday, Whitmer was named governor during a press conference in Grand Rapids WOOD TV reporter Rick Albin on the possibility of lifting the restrictions before July 1st. Whitmer replied, “I think it’s very possible.”

She added that while the state is still aiming to get 70 percent of Michigandans vaccinated before taking this next step in the MI Vacc to Normal plan, it is also trying to “meet people wherever you are”.

“Each of these changes takes a lot of preparation and a lot of legal work, and that’s why we’re looking into it,” Governor Whitmer told WOOD-TV’s Albin. “We had a model call that we have every Tuesday evening. We had last night (and it turned out) that the numbers are good, really good, ”said Whitmer. “Of course we wanted to be vaccinated at 70% (derof the population) … Our work goes on, but we try to meet people where they are. This is not only the case in Michigan. It happens all over the country. But we have all of these factors in it and I would expect, whether it is MIOSHA or the next step back to normal, I would probably talk about it in the next few days and make some announcements soon. “

As early as May 10, Michigan reached the first milestone in its reopening plan after reaching 55 percent of the vaccinated people in the state. The state is currently vaccinated to 60.6 percent, so the COVID-19 vaccine dashboard.

And although the state misses its 70 percent vaccination target, COVID numbers have continued to decline in recent weeks, showing a positive change in direction towards some form of normalcy.

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