Florida Covid whistle-blower Rebekah Jones hopes to unseat scandal-scarred Rep. Matt Gaetz

The scientist, who said she was fired by Governor Ron DeSantis for refusing to censor Florida’s Covid-19 numbers, said she was on Tuesday hoping to dismount Another high profile Republican politician in the state – Rep. Matt Gaetz.

Rebekah Jones.MSNBC

Rebekah Jones told the Congresswoman: currently being investigated Justice Department for allegedly paying an underage girl to have sex is vulnerable.

“I hope I do better than a sex dealer,” Jones told NBC News. “It is absurd that he is still in office. Somebody like that shouldn’t remain unchallenged. “

Jones, who currently resides in Maryland, made the announcement on a new one Instagram account She set up after her Twitter account was banned. She said she had a conflict with Twitter for repeatedly posting a Miami Herald Article very critical of DeSantis.

“I was hoping someone in the Republican Party would come forward and put him in the foreground, and I’ve never seen that before,” Jones said in the video. “So if I go to Florida to play Matt Gaetz, then I’ll do it. If it means getting a child sex dealer out of office, you’re damn right, I’ll do it. “

Gaetz, whose district is in the Florida Panhandle, has denied paying a teenager to have sex.

“Congressman Gaetz will not be charged,” spokesman Harlan Hill said in an email to NBC News. “Mrs. Jones cannot say the same thing.”

Jones was charged in December with hacking into the state’s computer system, an indictment she denies.

Jones was responsible for creating and updating the Florida Covid-19 dashboard and was fired from the Department of Health in May 2020 for in your words, and refused to “manually change dates to gain support for the reopening plan”.

That was an indication of DeSantis’ plan to reopen Florida despite the pandemic raging in the state. Most of the nearly 38,000 Covid-19 deaths and 2.3 million confirmed cases in the state were reported after May 2020 Numbers from NBC News and other Covid-19 databases.

Shortly after she was deposed, Jones filed a confidential whistleblower complaint with the Florida Commission on Human Relations saying she would be punished for speaking up.

DeSantis and other officials denied Jones’ allegations. But in December, Florida Department of Law Enforcement officials were acting on an arrest warrant Raid Jones’ house in Tallahassee, arrested her and confiscated her personal phone and laptop.

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