Canadiens’ Dominique Ducharme on positive COVID-19 test: ‘I really wasn’t lucky’

Montreal Canada Coach Dominique Ducharme opened roughly on Sunday his positive COVID-19 test, said he had no symptoms and was unsure how he contracted the virus in the two-week window after his second vaccination.

“If you’re vaccinated twice, the chances are very slim,” Ducharme told reporters in his first comments since the positive test was revealed on Friday. “I was really out of luck on this one … It’s frustrating because I’ve done everything you asked us to. I never exposed myself.”

Ducharme, 48, said he didn’t leave the team’s bubble in Las Vegas last week when the Canadiens opened the semi-finals series with Games 1 and 2 against them Golden Knights.

“I went from my room to the dining room to the bus to the ice rink,” he said.

Ducharme said he expected to return to the team before a two week absence. He will be two weeks away from his second shot on Wednesday and says the team’s “whole bladder” also received their second vaccinations.

With Luke Richardson as head coach, Montreal defeat Vegas in overtime Friday night to take over Game 3 and take a 2-1 lead in the series. Ducharme said he felt “helpless” watching the game on TV, but that he met with the team virtually.

Game 4 is Sunday evening in Montreal, game 5 is on Tuesday in Las Vegas. Games 6 and 7 (if required) will take place on Thursday in Montreal and on Saturday in Las Vegas.

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