Secret Service tracks nearly 8,000 transactions to bitcoin wallet connected to romance scheme

A retired account manager provided the QR code of a Bitcoin wallet that held what is believed to be one of the highest transactions and funds in a single Bitcoin wallet in recent history.

Orlando Secret Service special agent in charge Caroline O’Brien-Buster said it appears that the 7,883 transactions took place between February and May 2021.

O’Brien-Buster said she could confirm that more than $ 118 million in cryptocurrency went into the Bitcoin wallet and $ 117 million was spent.

“I had to look at it twice, it was such a large number,” said O’Brien-Buster. “It’s one of the biggest I’ve ever seen.”

Mary Miller, a retired accounting manager, is one of the women who transferred funds to this Bitcoin wallet. Miller said she bought $ 10,000 in cryptocurrency and transferred it to a bitcoin wallet using a QR code her online lover sent her.

Miller said she made the purchase through a Bitcoin ATM in Winter Park. She said an oil rig overseer she met on a Facebook dating site walked her through the deposit process one early morning in March.


Miller said she was in front of the ATM at 7 a.m. and put $ 10,000 in cash in the machine.

“I was scared,” she said. “I am ashamed and ashamed that I used to be an accountant. I used to be hot. “

Miller’s social media romance cost her around $ 13,000 in Google cash cards and cash.

The scammer used photos of a man who turned out to be a worker on an oil rig in Louisiana. There is no evidence that he is related to this romantic scheme.

“I was so in love,” said Miller, “I can tell now that he’s said everything he thinks a woman would like to hear.”

Federal agents said the words are usually written and involve a team of men and women working together. Miller said the last time she had contact with the man was in the first week of May.

Last week she started texting him again and he wanted to talk to her right away.

Investigators said these scammers can run hundreds of romance schemes at the same time, as evidenced by the more than 7,800 transactions in the Bitcoin wallet.


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