Miami-Based Tech Startup Named Pitch Day Finalist at Bitcoin 2021

At Pitch Day, co-founder Rogelio Caceres and Yuri Lau stated the company’s mission to connect Bitcoin investors to global mobility resources – including second passports, “golden visas” and foreign residency permits such as digital nomad visas – that allow sovereign persons unrestricted access and unrestricted rights of residence around the world.

“Bitcoin citizens were honored to participate in Bitcoin 2021, right here in Miami, our hometown and ‘the capital of capital’, “said Caceres, who serves as CEO.” Global mobility resources are accelerating the adoption of Bitcoin by removing unnecessary restrictions on human capital movements. “

The jury included a billionaire Bitcoin investor Tim Draper and Kevin O’Leary from “Shark Tank”. The winners were 24 Exchange, a multi-asset trading platform, and Satoshi’s Games, a video game developer.

Citizens of Bitcoin is aimed at people who pursue a location-independent, technology-enabled lifestyle that enables them to travel and work remotely anywhere in the internet-connected world. You want less onerous taxes, freedom of movement and immerse yourself in a Bitcoin world. They introduced the Satoshi Experience and Nakamoto Expedition, fully immersive annual programs that enable digital nomads to live and work on the best bitcoin-friendly destinations, including Miami.

Behind the company booth and at private events, representatives of Citizens of Bitcoin met with more than 500 participants at Bitcoin 2021, which was taking place June 4th and 5.

Citizens of Bitcoin is the first network of the Global Residency & Citizenship Group (Global RCG), a Miami-based investment advisory firm building the world’s first global platform for mobility investments.

The start of the tech startup coincided with a national wanderlust to travel internationally and rediscover the world. As Americans invest in Bitcoin, global mobility assets will greatly enhance the pursuit of their global, decentralized interests. For them there is Citizens of Bitcoin: Where Plan B becomes Plan A.

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